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Astrovac (Australian made and owned company)
Ducted vacuum power unit
The following power units feature a powedercoated galvanized metal ducted vacuum unit which provides greater strength, durability and better heat dissipation thus preventing the motor and other components from overheating.
Used with disposable filter bags which can be easily changed by unclipping the top half of the unit and removing the bag with noo mess. The disposable filter bags allow a high suction to be maintained and does not exhuast dust back into the gargage, or location of the unit.
A patented astro-airliner design which allows higher efficiency, improves air flow, and guarantees longer motor life.
A right and left entry point for connection of a ducting pipe to the unit.
Efficient space saving design, and can be mounted higher on a wall than traditional ducted vacuum units.
Provision for a utility or garage inlet.
A single printed circuit board control module complete with an on/off switch for operating the inlet point on the power unit, terminals for extra low voltage remote connections for inlet points inside the house, IEC type socket and lead for power mains connection, and dual LED technology status indicators for visual standby and operating models.


Astrovac DV 1200B Deluxe ducted vacuum
Additional specifications
- 1300 watt input power
- Motor warranty of 2 years
- Other electrics warranty 1 year

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Astrovac DV 1500B Deluxe ducted vacuum
- Optional muffler can be attached to reduce noise level.
Additional specifications
- 1500 watt input power
- Motor warranty of 2 years
- Other electrics warranty 1 year

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Astrovac DL1400B Heavy Duty Ducted vacuum
Additional specifications
- 1400 watt input power
- Motor warranty of 5 years
- Other electrics warranty 1 year

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hose set
Standard ducted vacuum hose and tool set
Includes a standard ducted vacuum hose (with metal curved wand and contact cuff) and tool set (combination of floor tool, dusting brush, upholstery tool combo, crevice tool, telescopic wand and host hanger bracket).
Suitable for most ducted vacuum systems.
Hard floor tool, no wheels (Black)
Small lightweight soft natural brush, efficiently cleans and protects your hard flooring surfaces from scratches. An ideal hard floor cleaner tool for every home.
- black plastic and lightweight construction
- 10in wide, can go under chairs etc easily
- front brush cut lower, will not push dust away as you vacuum
- no weels, soft natural brush, protects your floor
- swivel neck, easy to maneuver
Suitable for most ducted vacuum systems.
Vacusweep inlet valve only (White)
This short profile design of vacusweep allows it to be installed in tight kick space areas within a 2 x 4 stud wall. Wiring is connected to spring loaded wire connectors.
Slimline inlet valve (White)
Slimline inlet valave available in white, almond or black colour. Suitable for wall and floor installations and can be mounted where the door swings up or down.
Utility inlet valve, with contact points
This utility valave makes a great inlet for installation to the inlet pipe near the unit for vacuuming cars. Also a handy inlet for locations such as inside of linen cupboards, basements or lofts.
It has 2 pin terminals that operate the machine when a banded cuff is inserted, when wired to the control circuit.
Fits into a fitting such as a pipe joiner or elbow. Will not fit directly into the pipe unless a bell end or fitting is used.


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