Products - Alarm system and its components

Your security system will include a number of detection devices such as reed switches, glassbreak detectors, smoke detectors, motion sensors, keypad/s, siren, and a control panel. These devices identify alarm conditions and report them to the control panel which will sound an alarm if triggered. The control panel is fully programmable and allows communication between you and your alarm system.

Alarm Detectors

We have a large range of products to suit your home or business alarm system which can also be used with other components for added security such as concealed reed switches in windows and doors.  All systems can be installed with remote arming and disarming for your ease of use, and personal or back to base dialing to let you know when your alarm has been triggered to keep you in the know and initiate action.  Expandable control panels are also available for large premises or in buildings where multiple zones may be required.  Please see below for the range of high quality products we have available.

As the competitive market increases and the high demand for quality security products, we use the following detectors for our security systems.  They range from standard infrared detectors for basic use, pet immunity to protect false alarms while your animals are at home and the highest rank microwave/infrared detectors.  We will assess the environment and discuss the level of security required and recommended the most practical options.


FX-40 - Passive Infrared Detector

The FX-40 features patented multi-focus optics allowing for an accurate and reliable detection pattern which will maintain its sensitivity throughout the entire detection area even in high temperature or low contrast environments.
It has a spherical lens design which will obtain sharp detection because no bending is required.
It also features sealed optics to prevent draft and small insects from getting on to the pyroelectric element to eliminate the chance of false alarm due to these causes.
It also has a temperature compensation circuit which will increase its detection capabilities even under high temperature conditions.  It also has selectable pulse counts, tamper switch and a selectable alarm memory.
Ideal for multi storey buildings where the temperatures are usually higher on upper levels.

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RX-40 - Passive Infrared Sensor

The RX-40 features quad zone logic for accurate detection of humans at up to 12m by 12m. It is designed to give extremely high false alarm protection by detecting temperature changes to improve stability against changes in environmental conditions.
The RX-40 uses taller detection zones divided into upper and lower areas, then it detects the changes of IR energy in both of the areas and then couples them to give accurate detection, whoch offers a high reliability in hostile areas.
Its spherical lens obtains an accurate focal length for each detection zone and maximises the performance of the quad zone logic. It is enclosed in a sealed housing preventing drafts and insects from reaching the pyro element.

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IS2535T Pet Immunity Detector
The IS2535T detector features reliable detection with the option of low to high sensitivity for pet immunity, although can be used as a regular detector and the settings disabled. It also contains false alarm immunity, to seperate false alarms from real alarms, a sabatoge resistant lens design preventing burglars from destroying the detector and a patented look-down mirror to provide optimum protection directly beneath the sensor.

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fg1025r Ademco Intellisense
FG-1025R Glass Break Detector

This glass break detectors feature continuous self testing giving you something less to have to worry about checking, no minimum range, no adjustments required and it has its own selectable alarm memory.
It also feature digital signal processing for more advanced detection and false alarm immunity. Detects breakages of all types of glass, including plates, tempered, wired, laminated, coated or seal insulated.


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