Products - Alarm system and its components

Your security system will include a number of detection devices such as reed switches, glassbreak detectors, smoke detectors, motion sensors, keypad/s, siren, and a control panel. These devices identify alarm conditions and report them to the control panel which will sound an alarm if triggered. The control panel is fully programmable and allows communication between you and your alarm system.

Sirens and Internal Screamers

Siren boxes and internal screams are an essential part of a security systems to notify potential intruders that a security system is in place and hopefully deter them from attempting to burgle your home. Siren boxes are usually externally placed and visible to neighbouring house. Internal screamers are also very important to alert the neighbourhood that the alarm has been triggered and to be careful in the area as the intruders may be lurking around

Firefly self contained siren
The firefly siren is best positioned where it is protected from the weather, ideally under an eave to prevent moisture damage to the electrical components within.

Siren boxes
This polycarbonate siren cover and siren can be mounted anywhere and is resistant to all types of weather conditions.

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Flushmount internal screamer
The internal flushmount screamer is usually installed internally at a central loccation in the home to give an even distribution of sound.
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Top hat internal screamer
Top hat internal screamers are usually installed if there is no cavity in the ceiling for a flushmount internal screamer to be fitted


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