Products - Alarm system and its components

Your security system will include a number of detection devices such as reed switches, glassbreak detectors, smoke detectors, motion sensors, keypad/s, siren, and a control panel. These devices identify alarm conditions and report them to the control panel which will sound an alarm if triggered. The control panel is fully programmable and allows communication between you and your alarm system.

Remote Control

Remote controls provide are an efficient complement to any alarm system to allow you to access your home quicker.

Activor Remote Control
4-relay output remote control RSR-01

A highly flexible remote control to arm or disarm your alarm, which can also be used to operate other electrice devices such as open your electric roller door as you arrive home with the touch of a button.
The remote features include
- long range use up to 200m
- high security with its own Keeloq rolling code
- can add up to 25 remotes
- an attractive and robust case
- a sliding cover to prevent accidental activation
- 4 years battery life in normal operating conditions


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