Products - Alarm system and its components

Your security system will include a number of detection devices such as reed switches, glassbreak detectors, smoke detectors, motion sensors, keypad/s, siren, and a control panel. These devices identify alarm conditions and report them to the control panel which will sound an alarm if triggered. The control panel is fully programmable and allows communication between you and your alarm system.

Reed switches

Reed switches are a small electromechanical device with 2 ferromagnetic reeds which are activated when pulled apart and deactivated when closed together.  Reed switches should give you years of service if installed correctly.  We secure all our switches in window or door frames so it cannot be knocked by opening or closing the door, or broken off by your intruders.  The wiring is connected via a soldered joint and sealed with heat shrink for long lasting results.

mini reed
Mini Reeds
Mini reeds are mainly used on windows and can be concealed in the sliding window cavity and secured in place to prevent it falling out
button reeds
Button Reeds
Button reeds are usually used in door frames and secured in place by a drilled hole in the door cavity.  They can also be painted over to disguise their appearance.
external external2
External reeds
External reeds are mainly used outdoors in garden sheds or sliding door frames where a concealed switch is impossible to fit.  They have a wide gap tolerance, which makes them for use in old buildings or sheds, manholes or garage roller doors.
roller door
Roller door reeds
Roller door reeds are typically used on roller doors as they can be screwed into the concrete beneath the door, and the magnet mounts to the roller door with a bracket in place.


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