About us

Taylors Lakes Security Systems was first registered for business in March 1998, it has grown rapidly over the years to the successful business we are today providing high quality products and services to our customers.

Our main focus is quality of products and great service, which means a lot to our business and keeps our customers happy.  We are a fully licensed business including registrations with Victoria police, cabling registrations with Fire Protection Australia and Occupational Health and Safety registration (see below).

All security systems come with a full 2 year guarantee including parts and labour for installation.

If you are building a new home it is always best to have your home pre-wired before the plaster is installed, particularly in double storey dwellings, as it can become quite restrictive in the products available if the house is established.  By installing the wires before the plaster, it enable use to route the security cables where most effective and achieve better results and protection for your home.  All cables and connections are also secured and stapled to ceiling joists and beams to prevent any inadvertent damage from other people involved in the construction of your home.  All cable connections are soldered and air tightly sealed with special heat shrink tubing to ensure a 100% connection and prevent corrosion and fatigue to the copper cores of the cables, thus preventing any problems later in the future.

Professional Registrations

    Australia Business Number (ABN)
    42 501 747 407

    Fire Protection Australia Cabling Registration

    Private Security (Police) Registration Number

"Where your safety is our priority!!"